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so im a dad now...my babyboy is 5 months now and its greeeat!! i love him and i love her!!


after sometime of not writing anything at all here i am again..like the old times when i had fun,when i could go out and do whatever i want to do..but time and things change,some for good some for bad.
i have a son now and it feels great to be A father..feels great everytime you get home from work and you see your son smiling at you.
so yea,hes 3 months now....babymomas not so my type and we argue all the time but hey we love each other and right now shes payin for something she did back then and who knows..maybe shes paying for everything shes done.but i miss her so much...shell be back soon i hope....but me and my son are doing greeat..having diffilcuties but everythings ok.
well so ill write later cuse im tired and yea....shit...we want the world and we want it...NOW. 

30 days of night

 so i just got back from watching that movie 30 days of night...pretty aight!wat else can i say? my girl is  months pregnant so far and im excited !!docotr said is gonna be a boy so im even more excited about that!cant wwaitt to have him already here,but its all good i guess,halloween,i dont know if im the only one that feels that days and time and going faster than wat it used to.....i mean the whole year is going so fast that i still can remember  last new years like if it was only a couple months ago..watever it is ...its very strange, wat do you guys think about the fires going on arond?? terrorism? i mean exactly 4 years ago the same thing happened but oh well.
anyways last night i wanted to go out so bad with my friends and have a good time but my girl got all mad talking mad shit, i sat down thinking if i really needed that,im still young and still wanna have fucking fun but oh well maybe next  friday for sure i will make p something up just to go out...im out!


 here iam again doing nothing at all,so yea i went to play on wendsday i can proud to say that im one of the best soccer players around....everyone knows that, so i love soccer,well wat am i doing today?maybe another party maybe just chil time watching movie,sounds good,yep smoking a lil bit so i can get into it.yea watever im out for now

day 2

woke up like 20 mins ago....so wat else can i say? the girl im with its pregnant, and im not eve sure if its mine,i know its gona hurt me later on to know that its not mine,but whatever im about to goto work soill write later.

first one

well here i go ,the first entry. Yea i have a new laptop my mom got it for me and its pretty good,so il b writting later i guess.

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